6 tips on social media

Posted on Mar 19, 2015
6 tips on social media

Yesterday we visited ExpoLondon to get some external perspective on advances and uses of social media.

Here are 6 tips we were reminded about:

  • Think about all aspects of your customer user experience; does your tone of voice on twitter match your brand personality? Does your business card have the same quality of finish as your level of service or product? Does your app have the same formal/informal approach as calls with your customer care team?
  • Create a three-month campaign cycle for your social media marketing; create your planned blogs and posts around your campaign theme to ensure your content has structure. However, don’t forget that the most meaningful blogs and posts are likely to be the topical ones that crop up along the way and the conversations that you have around them.
  • Don’t sell! We all need to have clear goals for our social media use. Understandably most of us want to increase sales as a result of our social media activity. However, people are quick to filter or ignore sales messages in preference for rewarding, engaging content. More successful goals range from increasing reach, demonstrating your credibility, to establishing your brand personality and growing brand awareness.
  • Don’t buy likes. Bought likes are not going to be loyal or add value to your digital footprint. What is more, there is software that will tell interested people how many likes you have bought. Instead, focus on the creative hook that will help your content stand out from the crowd.
  • Visual vs. analytical; there are lots of different ways to segment your audience. One basic division is visual people versus analytical people. So one simple check you can make is to see if you have an equal balance of both visual and analytical content. In other words the right mix of stand out photography and fact based opinion pieces.
  • People buy from people; if you are using LinkedIn do you have video embedded in your profile? If you’re working on a collaborative project did you know you can tag other people in your LinkedIn update?

Thanks to Claire Curzon, Nevil Tynemouth and Sharon Callix for interesting talks, tips, reminders and inspiration.