5 tips to help plan a Mode of Action Project (MoA)

Posted on Mar 20, 2015
5 tips to help plan a Mode of Action Project (MoA)

In this post-blockbuster era, the potential for pharmaceutical innovation has narrowed: remarkably though, new pharmaceutical Modes of Action are still driving much of the industry’s innovation.

In fact, Mode of Action animation is now a well-established discipline for driving new product launches. It’s clearly the most impactful of all detailing assets and nothing touches its capacity to engage, immerse and educate an audience.

Like any creative discipline, MoA animations are evolving. It’s becoming a competitive category with a variety of MoA animations vying for share of mind.

To achieve the best MoA animation outcome, here are five tips on how to plan your project.

  1. Invest in the best production possible

There are plenty of MoA productions in circulation. Only the best-produced animation in your product class or category is going to achieve high impact. State-of-the-art production also gives a positive perception of the quality of your innovation, the investment behind it and your commitment to the launch.

  1. Don’t forget the emotional cues

Music, SFX and voice-over play a vital role in influencing viewer perceptions of your technology and innovation. Every component needs to be finely tuned to present compelling messages. Furthermore, the cultural needs of various markets might require tailoring beyond the basics of voiced translations.

  1. Explore metaphoric stories

Work with your creative team to research alternative routes to express the core technology in different ways. Analogies from unrelated worlds might bring a core technology alive with much greater impact. Not only will it inspire an audience to think more about the concept and core mechanism, it will also give you much more cut-through and impact.

  1. Speak to multiple audiences

It’s an obvious point, but critical in delivering the most commercial MoA asset. This is not only tuning the language and vocabulary to a wider audience, but also considering the differing needs of physicians and third-party payers.

  1. Consider a wider content marketing strategy

MoA assets are dynamic content assets for online space and it’s important to consider a wider distribution strategy around your MoA assets. Be this a launch or CME, the impact and value can be amplified and extended as part of a wider digital investment.


MoA animation, as a category, is a powerful tool for detailing and CME. We inhabit an extraordinary communication age, where the leading edge continually evolves. So it’s worth proper investment and a rigorous strategic approach to ensure you’re expanding the boundaries of viewing experience and quality.