Metaphor of Action

Posted on May 19, 2017
Metaphor of Action

Planning a Mode of Action project? Here are 5 reasons to consider Metaphor of Action.

When you want to demonstrate how your science works then Mode of Action (MoA) animations can be a great way to do it. Realistic and highly finished 3D visuals can even bring to life processes that have never been seen before by the human eye.

But as this medium becomes more widely used, MoA animations in some busy therapeutic categories are starting to lose their freshness and we’re now seeing a growing need to innovate the way we communicate MoAs.

One alternative is the ‘Metaphor of Action’ (MPoA). Communicating with a metaphor is a great way to disrupt an established category by telling the same story with different words and pictures. If anyone has been exposed to the UK Ad scene recently, you’ll be forgiven into thinking the population has gone animal mad. However, the cats, dogs and meerkats promoting brands provide excellent and engaging shorthand to communicate a range of complex messages.

Metaphor of Action follows a similar principle. By stepping-away from literal visualization we can often make our messages more proprietary and more accessible.

We’ve shortlisted 5 reasons we believe the approach could grow.

  1. MPoA can make complex messages quicker and easier to understand by referencing examples from life or technology that tell a similar story.
  2. Complex processes can be summarised in a way that a broader audience can understand (e.g. investors).
  3. MPoA is a disruptive approach and by design can cut through congested therapeutic areas and becomes more memorable.
  4. With greater memorability, branding is enhanced and you can develop and own a unique visual language.
  5. MPoA can give you a strong theme that you can extend across a range of communication materials.

Of course, MoA (in its purest sense) will remain an effective and well-established currency in the industry. But at the beginning of each new project its got to be worth challenging ourselves to see if we can create something new and different to stand out from the crowd.